Swede and thyme gratin

 Continuing the Swede theme here is another recipe which I must admit isn't as healthy as the ones in this blog so far but it is another way to cook root vegetables in general and might encourage the most reluctant veg eaters to give it a try.

I think cooking the swede this way adds a little elegance and would be a great accompaniment to a special dinner.


25g butter

300g swede, diced weight

3 sprigs of thyme

1 clove garlic, sliced

50ml cream

Pinch of salt

Cheddar or your favourite cheese


The swede needs to be chopped into small cubes which isn’t easy as this is a very hard vegetable when fresh. Use the best large knife you have. If you are not confident using a knife choose the smallest swedes you can as they will be much easier to handle.

Heat the butter in a smallish pan over a low heat and add the swede, garlic and sprigs of thyme. Stir and cook the swede in the butter, turning it regularly. Slowly but surely the cubes will become soft. You want them just soft enough to cut them in half easily with a knife but not yet turning to mash. 

Place the swede into a small baking tray/dish and stir in the cream with a little salt. Top with the cheese and bake for about 170℃ low in the oven for about 20 minutes or until the top is brown and golden from the caramelised cheese.

Other root vegetables you could cook this way are: Pumpkin, fennel, celeriac, parsnips and sweet potato.