Super food sandwich

This sandwich is like a who's who of nutrients! It contains hummus from chickpeas, the super food pesto from the previous article, carrot, avocado, vegan mayo, sliced tomato and leaf. I have used brown bread but you could just use your favourite bread. I have even rolled the ingredients in a tortilla wrap on a few occasions on a customers request.

Super food sandwich

There is a source of protein in the hummus and bread. Vitamins K1, A and C. Potassium, manganese, calcium and zinc. Folates... the list goes on. This is also a very refreshing and satisfying sandwich, especially on a warm day.

The ingredients for one sandwich are as follows:

2 slices of bread
1 tablespoon of superfood pesto
1 tablespoon hummus
1 small carrot, grated
half an avocado
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
A few mixed leaves
1 small tomato sliced

Spread the slices of bread with the hummus and super food pesto as above. Then layer on the remaining ingredients as below.

Bring the two together and there you have it - a nutrient packed sandwich with tonnes of fibre and some way to the recommended five a day.

If you are a meat eater then why not slip in a slice or two of your favourite fleshy aliment. This way you get a large dose of nutrients along with the extra proteins.